Wild Side with Wildlife SOS

The Wild Side with Wildlife SOS is an exclusive online talk-show, hosted by our co-founder and CEO, Kartick Satyanarayan to make the viewers escape the lockdown woes! In casual conversation with important personalities such as celebrities, wildlife photographers and most importantly, die-hard animal lovers, the show allows the viewers to explore their fun and free side as our guests converse with the host in an exciting question-and-answer format along with a rapid-fire round. With giggles galore, The Wild Side is sure to keep you informed and excited in these tough times as we show you the never-seen-before side for these loved celebrities!

In these tough times, Wildlife SOS aims to bring a smile to your faces, spreading positivity and joy at every turn of the way, so do not forget to tune in!

What are you waiting for? Are you ready to jump to The Wild Side with Wildlife SOS?

Kartick Satyanarayan

CEO and Co-founder

Kartick Satyanarayan’s love of the natural world began early in life; he spent his youth rescuing animals and exploring the forest near his Bangalore home. In 1995 he founded Wildlife SOS with Geeta Seshamani, dedicating this non-profit organization to protecting India’s environmental and wildlife resources from unsustainable exploitation. Wildlife SOS changed Indian history by rescuing over 600 performing ‘dancing bears’.

Kartick’s current focus is the mitigation of human-wildlife conflict in India through a series of workshops in bear habitat communities. Educating people about how to avoid animal conflict while fostering an appreciation for wildlife will save human and animal lives and enhance conservation of India’s natural resources.